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Week 9: Social Analysis

Hi guys, welcome to the second last blog post! This week we are tasked with using Social Media Monitoring Tools and use it one a organization of our choice. But why? So we can analyse both the tool and the results.

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Week 8: Nokia (Blogs and Twitter will they help us sell phones?!?)

Hi all, hope everyone is ready for another blog post! Last week we discussed Oxfam and how they apply value levers to their organization. This week’s topic is to analyze how the Professional Industry use the value levers found in McKinsey Global

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Week 7: Oxfam and Value Levers

Hello again readers, This week we shall be discussing how Enterprise 2.0 technologies benefit Social Sector.  Specifically, I shall be looking at how two value levers at mentioned in this McKinsey Global Institute Report. Oxfam Australia is the Australian offshoot

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