Week 7: Oxfam and Value Levers

Hello again readers,

This week we shall be discussing how Enterprise 2.0 technologies benefit Social Sector.  Specifically, I shall be looking at how two value levers at mentioned in this McKinsey Global Institute Report.

Oxfam Australia is the Australian offshoot of Oxfam an international amalgamation of several organizations who are trying to eradicate poverty. Oxfam Australia works in several countries and are probably best known for their Oxfam stores which sell hand-crafted items with the profits funding their humanitarian efforts.

So how’s Oxfam is utalising Enterprise 2.0 technologies to add value to their business?

  • Help Fundraise 
  • Educate the public

According to the McKinsey report, social media can help organisations better target their fundraising efforts while also saving money in the process.  Oxfam utilizes their online presence to showcase their store products to ensure they can find a wider market. The picture below shows how a simple post not only generates interest but also encourages users to “share” the post with their friends. 18 Shares might look like a small amount, but people on Facebook have an average of 100 friends so that’s an extra 1,800 people who so this message.


Oxfam however excels at educating their Audience. Their Facebook, Twitter and Blogging pages are full of interesting information regarding many issues that influence poverty. Have a look at their Facebook page in particular, each informative post has several “shares” and more then a handful of comments.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… check out this initiative that helps cement Oxfam at the forefront of such social media users:

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3 comments on “Week 7: Oxfam and Value Levers
  1. Tom says:

    I think fundraising through social media seems to be a common theme for all foundations. #346class13 on Twitter to discuss further and check out my current posts.

  2. […] week we discussed Oxfam and how they apply value levers to their organization. This week’s topic is to analyze how […]

  3. Like Charity:Water, it seems Oxfam use social media tools very well to generate a larger following and help educate the public. It is great that these charities have other people sharing there posts.

    The youtube video is great. Do you think Oxfam would benefit from having a youtube channel as well?

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