Week 8: Nokia (Blogs and Twitter will they help us sell phones?!?)

Hi all, hope everyone is ready for another blog post!

Last week we discussed Oxfam and how they apply value levers to their organization. This week’s topic is to analyze how the Professional Industry use the value levers found in McKinsey Global Institute Report to add value to their business.

 Nokia needs no introduction but in the interest of being consistent I’ll lightly touch on their history. Nokia used to be THE mobile company, although this mantle has been fought over between Apple and Samsung as of late, Nokia is a cellular phone maker who has been quite late entering the smart phone market. However, the company has been gaining ground in the market recently. Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s smart phone division likely to help push Microsoft’s Mobile software further into the smart phone market. You can read more about this purchase here and here.

Nokia uses a wide verity of social technology including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. The name of the game is to add value so how do these technologies add value?

Use social technologies for marketing communication/interaction.

Nokia uses their twitter feed to mostly educate potential customers about their new products and innovative features / new releases.


Look at this snapshot of their twitter, mostly advertisements and promotions. Twitter is a great avenue for such advertisements since the hash tag system allows for quick searching and creates a level of engagement with customers.  Although we have all heard of all sorts of excellent and not so excellent stories of marketing campaigns through social media, Nokia seems to receive quite a lot of positive feedback through these social technologies.

Nokia’s blogging space does quite a lot of this marketing as well. However, “Conversations by Nokia” is just that, a conversation. Each blog post can be easily shared through twitter (a counter exists of most blog pages) and their comments sections can occasionally provide and interesting insight on the topic at hand.

Derive Customer Insights, is the main value lever stemming from this blog / twitter combination. Both technologies have ways to “listen” to their customers to help identify issues with product design, something that has been an issue with Nokia since the emergence of smart phones.

The company is at the cusp of something new, the new development with Microsoft could see new uses of social media and new exiting times for the company. Hopefully, it might mean we can see less of these fails:

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4 comments on “Week 8: Nokia (Blogs and Twitter will they help us sell phones?!?)
  1. Nice post Colin. Although Nokia’s sales have been decreasing in recent years, its great to see they still use social media to their advantage. Do they use twitter and facebook to answer customers questions as well?

    I did see a great twitter campaign launched by Nokia recently that has generated tens of thousands of retweets. You can find it here -> https://twitter.com/nokia_uk/status/377483408043036672/photo/1

    They are definitely applying to marketing value lever to gain customers from other brands!

    • colhili says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      That actually is a great campaign. I’d actually love to see Nokia become a “phoenix” and resurrect themselves into THE phone company again.

  2. Nice post, Colhili. Nokia was conservative on making innovative changes even if it was exploring new technologies (there’s rumor that Nokia was working on the touch-screen technology before Apple published the touch smartphone), not sure social media can arouse its vitality.
    By the way, the video is funny lol

  3. Hi Colin,

    Great post. I have personally “liked” a few Nokia and Windows Phone Facebook pages, since I’m an avid fan and user of the Nokia/Microsoft relation, and I can tell you they quite a lot of the posts which I see by them are clearly advertisements. But I think it might be working, although I haven’t checked figures in quite a while, but when I did last check, Nokia and Windows Phones gaining quite a bit of market share. I think with continued social media visibility and more “viral” tweets, such as the one pointed out by Michael, Nokia might have a good chance of being a serious contender in the mobile market once again!

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