Week 9: Social Analysis

Hi guys, welcome to the second last blog post! This week we are tasked with using Social Media Monitoring Tools and use it one a organization of our choice. But why? So we can analyse both the tool and the results.

This week we shall be looking at Apple through the free online tool Addictomatic . This week Apple has many  new announcements and news surrounding their new phone launches iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and the accompanying new software iOS7.

I choose Addictomatic because it is supposed to help aggregate several news stories from multiple live websites such as  Google, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter among others. At first glance Addictomatic seems pretty basic, you enter a search and up comes several items. However, it was apparent after first glance that the tool lacks the ability and algorithm of a Google search. As I mentioned previously, I wanted to search Apple because it’s a time where the media dedicates a lot of time discussing the new iPhone Launches and features.

When using the tool however, the tool found nothing on twitter (which just isn’t right), provided search results from Bing (all three Bing users would be pleased) and Youtube results of videos that were either in French or Russian. The tool does allow the user to change the layout of the results (or even omit some, bye bye bing) but the actual results are sub par.

In terms of the results that did display, only two where really relevant or even news worthy which is about iOS7’s new animations which is making certain users sick. Upon reflection, I’m not sure if this means that a) Addictomatic is simply a subpar tool or b) Apple is VERY effective at manipulating algorithms to hide bad press. At this point I’m more inclined to believe A.

Anyone else come to the same conclusion? Did I personally miss the point of the tool? Let me know through the comments section!



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3 comments on “Week 9: Social Analysis
  1. Tom says:

    The reason the tool didn’t find anything on Twitter is that Twitter sells its access to searching tweets. So if a company does not have a contract with Twitter it will not have access. The other issue when looking at monitoring tools is that only Radian6 has full access to Twitter. Other tools who do have contracts with Twitter and do provide results from tweets only get access to a few milllion tweets a day. This can cause misleading results if not understood. Whereas if you use Radian6 you know that you are searching ALL tweets and this will provide better results. So when analysing a tools results you must be aware of what raw data it actually has access to.

  2. Hey Col,

    I found the same thing with AOM. It was pretty useless in my opinion and I reckon it’d be more use as a consumer looking for trends or upcoming product releases than for a corporation who is actually looking to better itself from a social technology perspective.
    You should check out Topsy if you get some time, its actually really cool. Allows for you to measure a bunch of stuff and even pit 3 twitter handles or Facebook pages against themselves on an easily laid out graph, not sure how it aggregates all of its data but it’s easily the most comprehensive I saw anyway.


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