Week 2: Blogging Strategies

Hello reader, welcome to my INB346 space of learning. Like (I assume) most of you the idea of blogging was never something that really appealed to me. Definitely not in terms of content creation or even reading other blogs of interest. I find the interaction with authors to be very static and quite frankly a bit dull. I’m more interested in VLogs and streaming services like Twitch because the interaction is quicker and it is far easier to hold a viewers attention using visual media. Not to mention that most people these days have the internet connection and computer power to generate far more then just written media.

I tend to agree with this picture a LOT. Since we (we as in the INB/INN346 class) are tasked with finding effective blogging strategies this week I wanted to talk a bit about how that effects me personally and note down some observations I found about “forced blogging”. I.E. Creating content for the sake of doing an assignment.

I’m really not trying to be negative about the assignment or subject for that matter but I’m merely trying to point out that if any of us where to blog about a personal interest the content AND presentation would be superior then what most of us will deliver through the course of this subject.

That said, let me talk a little bit about some strategies all blogs use and what I want to try and do to be different.

Basic Blogging Strategies

What is somewhat funny is that even though I have done Web 2.0 I never really sat down and thought of what makes a good blog. On one hand some of the ideas / concepts / strategies behind blogs are pretty basic:

It can be said though that these points are pretty universal for Bloggers… so…

What am I trying to do to be different?

Well our INB346 content is dictated by a topic and it is very hard not to have content and ideas that do not over lap with other students. Furthermore “community interaction” is again forced to a point because we all want a good grade. I found that in Web 2.0 I made friends with about five other students and we constantly kept commenting on each others blogs to help further our grade.

So since our content is interesting to us because we chose this subject (and because we are graded) our differentiation from each other is how we present the same content and how we build our links to the outside community (read anyone who isn’t in our class). What I would like to do is every other week is to include some form of visual media (a personal Vlog) that adds more to that weeks written content and topic. I am doing this to see if I get more viewers / readers this way with both other students as well as anyone else who would be interested in the topic.


I garantee you found this video more engaging then the written  text found here… so…

Do you agree with me?

9 comments on “Week 2: Blogging Strategies
  1. kappamikez says:

    A very nice post about the task of our class. I have to agree on your idea that forced blogging will decrease the quality of posts from our blogs. But i’m sure our lecturer Jason understands that as well XD

    I also liked your post by adding some vlogs or videos in it. I’ll make sure i’ll use them somehow.

  2. Della says:

    I love the idea of the Vlog! I have the same thought that a blog should not be a plain-text blog. Putting some images to support our opinion will be much better, and I’m sure the Vlog will make it even more interesting.
    I’ve done the vote! 😀

  3. Chiugo Okoli says:

    A vlog? 100% Yes..I was saying the same thing to a friend the other day..in my opinion, I think that we should add a little personal something to our posts each week in addition to the unit activities..It is always a plus to have visual aids when trying to attract and keep an audience..so, spot on Colhili

  4. […] is no perfect recipe for becoming a blogger. You might want to check out some other articles on the topic or just try to find out what suits you […]

  5. lancebethune says:

    Well constructed blog, and tormenting cats is always fun. Did you know of the medieval game called stone the cat???
    Simple game. all you need is a largish room a table lots of drunken idiots a pile of rocks, and of course a cat.

  6. Really good blog post. It really kept me reading with all of the amusing pictures, and of course that vlog. Maybe it would need more links to where you got that information though.

    • colhili says:

      You might be right. I’ve used reference lists in the past (for WEB 2.0) and I’ve used hotlinks to provide “references” too. I’ll double check the criteria I guess.

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