Week 4 Afends and Marketing

Hello again bloggers. This week we are tasked with:

Selecting an organisation and to identify and discuss some of the major benefits and value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0.


Afends is a clothing / accessory store that is typically worn by alternative music goers / surfers / skaters. The company uses Enterprise 2.0 to Generate and foster sales, provide excellent customer service and Use social technologies for marketing and communication. If you’re interested check them out:

AFENDS is a lifestyle street wear label with influence drawn from music, art,  surfing and skateboarding.

Marketing and Communication

So how does this humble store (that started in Byron) embrace Web 2.0? Firstly, the business is very active on many social platforms; Facebook, twitter and even a blog that is updated almost daily.  The business and customers alike are constantly talking about their respected interests (like metal/hardcore music, surfing, skating).


If you check you their facebook group you can see that not only do people rate the store constantly, but afends even…

Offers customer service via Facebook: 

customerserviceAs you can see on the left, a customer identified an issue with the product and the store replied quickly to provide a solution.

Generate and Foster Sales

But I think the best thing Afends does is something called a Weekly Steeze. Basically, the store uploads a pack of clothing and accessories and if you share the pack through Facebook you go in the running to win the pack for free.

This gives the store free advertisement and helps generates sales as the pack is sold for 15% less during the sale (in case you really want it but didn’t win the competition that week).

In fact the store has grown quite substantially since it’s  Byron days with stores in Bali, Melbourne and Sydney.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

4 comments on “Week 4 Afends and Marketing
  1. Nice post ! I really like how you’ve used videos, in your blog ; it breaks up all the reading nicely.

  2. I always like to see companies having an active facebook page were you can contact them, it usually means a quicker response than using email!

  3. Alex says:

    Well. I definitely think that your blog held the ‘essence of cool’ by addressing Afends social marketing and communication – and they are really good at what they do: selling cool things. The chance of winning Afends packs through Facebook is a brilliant marketing tool. The video link was a good choice – great theory application and engaging read!

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