Week 5: Apple’s Love and Hate of Social Media

Hi all, this week we are tasked with discussing the different risks Social Media have to companies. I’ve decided I’d talk about Apple who doesn’t really need an introduction.

Like most big companies though, Apple is no stranger to the ever fickle love and hate of customers. There are a number of different risks Social Media introduces such as:

  • Confidential Information
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Various Statutory Risks
  • Occupation and Organisation Specific Risks
  • Reputation Risks

From these risks, Apple has suffered most of them. The two that really spring to mind is the leaking of Confidential Information and Reputation Risks.

Confidential Information is generally hard to lock down since the creation of the internet. However, Social Media has made posting information a whole lot easier. Apple is constantly news worthy these days so leak sites such Mac Rumors tend to always draw a crowd. Apple has introduced many steps to try and stem the flow of information via company policies and even taken active steps against those internally who do leak information.

However, these leaks are a double edged sword. They say that any advertising is good advertising. Although I do not personally agree 100% with that statement, these leaks keep people interested. Even though competitors can be warned of any new “cool” features, it also creates a level of free advertisement that few other companies enjoy.

Reputation Risks are (in my opinion) far more impact to businesses. The release of iOS 6 introduced Apple Maps. One of the most covered technology stories in the media this year.

The new Apple Maps was such a technological and PR disaster that it even become a meme. Tim Cook had to write a letter of apology and the Australian Government had to issue warning telling people to not use it (see below)

As a “Comment Experiment” anyone who comments my blog, I invite you to include a link of a funny picture or video about Apple Maps!

8 comments on “Week 5: Apple’s Love and Hate of Social Media
  1. Tom says:

    I would be interested to know what Apple’s SMP is on employees posting comments on Apple articles on different sites and whether this is part of their employment or just their personal opinions.

  2. Great Post!
    The Apple Maps update was indeed a disaster.
    What baffles me most is with such a reputation on delivering quality products they weren’t able to pick up on the maps lacking quality. Has Apple been able to resolve the issues?

    Also thought you might like this: A man using apple maps walks into a bar. Or maybe a hospital… or possibly a church.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. I wonder if Apple is one of those companies who actually purposely release “confidential” information, and claim that it wasn’t supposed to be leaked. It’s a good way to grab the attention of sticky-beaks !

    • colhili says:

      I work for an account that works with Apple. They take security VERY seriously. I don’t have access to anything that would be worth leaking but oh man if they find a mobile phone on my person I’ll be facing more then just dismissal.

  4. Sometimes companies (such as Apple) benefit from leaks of confidential information. While it does give rival companies ideas on the final design, it also builds a huge hype for the product amongst customers and fans. This is essentially free advertising.

    The defamation of Apple in the many YouTube videos has been terrible for their reputation. Hilarious though! And how perfect for Google. Could they have possibly endorsed these memes?

  5. […] Week 5: Apple’s Love and Hate of Social Media […]

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